Win a prize from Keach’s world:

Throwaway Girls was bought in March, 2012 by an international production company for development as a TV series.

Here’s what the VP of the production company had to say:

“I think the two leads – Keach & Rick – are a perfect jumping off point for a series.  I love their dynamic and think viewers will want to watch them together.”

With the launch of Throwaway Girls as an e-book, readers got to pick who should play Keach on TV.*  The winner was announced on December 1, 2012 and got to choose one of the following prizes:

  • St. Lawrence Market Wild Salmon Jerky
  • St. Lawrence Market Organic Maple Buds
  • Kensington Market Chocolate Addict White/Dark Chocolate

The winning entries appear below.  Check this site for a new contest coming soon.



*Please note, this contest is no way affiliated with the production company or the author’s agreement with that company.


  1. Name: Joel
    Favorite Line: “Greg gave me the kind of blank look you could bounce a rock off.”
    Who should play Keach: Reagan Pasternak (Reagan Pasternak – IMDb)  who played the tall, nasty chick on ‘Being Erica’


  2. Name: Diane
    Favorite Line: “She looked like she ironed her clothes after she got into them.”
    Who should play Keach:  Cobie Smulders (cobie smulders movies )  from  The Avengers– great name, great hair and tall


  3. Name: Lissa, Ann Arbor
    Favorite Line: “Working in Traffic, you soon realize that you’d be safer having sex with most strangers than getting into their cars.”
    Who Should Play Keach: Amy Lee  (evanescence singer amy lee). Her goth edge would really work with the dialogue.

  4. Name: Aidan (thebassman), Toronto
    Favorite Line: “He had the kind of look on his face that could have come from sucking on a rusty nail.
    Who Should Play Keach:  Aubrey Plaza ( – okay, she’s not so tall and she’s already got a gig on Parks and Recreation, but she’s got good hair/cheekbones/bod and  great comic timing for the banter with Rick.